The Power of Veto is a power in Big Brother. The Power of Veto allows the owner to veto one of the Nominations off the Block. The Head of Household chooses a new nomination.

In Big Brother 2, a Secret Power of Veto was unleashed among the house as a twist, that could be used after the normal Veto is used.


Big Brother Canada Power of Veto

The Power of Veto is won weekly in a competition. Six houseguests compete for the Power of Veto, the Head of Household, the two nominees, and three other houseguests. Powers of Veto may be won under rare occurrences besides competitions, namely as a prize to come from Pandora's Box.

The Power of Veto Contestant SelectionEdit

The Head Of Household and the two nominees, each reach into the bag and select a disc by random, with either a houseguest's name or "Houseguests Choice," where the HOH or nominee would select a player. The six houseguests would compete in a competition determining the winner of the Power of Veto.

The Power of Veto MeetingEdit

The winner of the Power of Veto is called to the Diary Room, where they are briefed on the procedures of the Power of Veto meeting. The Veto Holder then proceeds to the Memory Wall, retrieves their Veto, and studies the portraits of all the remaining houseguests as they finalize their decision. The Veto Holder then calls in the remaining houseguests, who await the meeting in the backyard in the first season. Starting in the second season, the houseguests are already in the living room and the holder will go outside, because the Memory Wall is outside. Then the houseguests take their respective seats, either on the couches or on Nomination Block. The Veto Holder begins the meeting by explaining the power the Veto holds and then asks the nominees to make a final plea. Each nominee makes a brief speech, if they so desire, to try and convince the Veto Holder to use the Veto on them. Once the speeches are concluded, the Veto Holder makes their decision. If they choose to use the Veto, they place the Veto around the neck of the nominee they have chosen to save. At this point, the Veto Holder is seated, Head of Household stands, and chooses a replacement nominee, who then immediately takes the empty seat. Right before the Veto Meeting is over, the Veto Holder will put the Veto in the box if they are the one operating the ceremony. After all decisions are made, the Veto Holder calls the meeting adjourned.

List of Power of Veto CompetitionsEdit

Season Competition Winner
"Power Popper" Tom
"Oh, Snow You Didn't!" Gary
"Puck Off" Tom
"Big Brother Bonspiel" Alec
"Kid At A Candy Store" Emmett
"Cabin Fever" Emmett
"Build A Demon" Andrew
"Bridge To Veto" Peter
"You've Got Mail" Peter
"Sleep Tight With The POV" Andrew
"The Price Of Veto" Gary
"Big Brother Break-In" Emmett
2 "Superhero Veto" Andrew
"Divergent Veto" Kenny
"Nutcracker (or Nuts to That)" Ika
"Lacrosse Fire" Allison
"Big Brother Airlines" Jon
"Yukon Gold"
"Secret Power of Veto"
"Dumpster Diving for Day Old Doughnuts" Arlie
"Get Packing for the POV" Jon
"Big Brother STAMPede" Neda
"Blown Away" Heather
"MarshaLand" Jon
3 "V is for Veto" Sindy
"Dam It" Kevin
"Spooling Around" Johnny
"Game, Set, Match" Bruno
"Ant Maze" Zach
"Big Brother Concentration" Godfrey
"Delivering the Goods" Kevin
"Big Brother Workshop" Bruno
"Pin It to Win It" Sarah
"Shomi the Veto" Ashleigh
"Pit Stop to Veto" Ashleigh
"Fast Track to Finale" Ashleigh